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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Dear Clients:

Confidentiality of your information is an important issue for Alinma Investment. Therefore, we are committed to our Clients and keen to guarantee the confidentiality of their information. And while information is considered a key element in our ability to provide you with a high quality service, your trust remains the major drive. Hence, preserving the confidentiality and security of our Clients’ information and using them in accordance with their wish fall in the forefront of our priorities at Alinma Investment. On these bases stands our promise to every Client that we shall:

  1. Protect any information provided by our Clients with the most accurate security and privacy standards.
  2. Restrict the quantity of information and their use to the minimum requirement needed to provide you with a high quality service, including introducing to you our products, services and other opportunities offered to you.
  3. Allow only authorized members and highly trained on Client information management to access our Client information, noting that any member of our staff who violates this commitment would be subject to legal accountability.
  4. Not to disclose any of our Client information to any third party unless priory notifying the Client through disclosure details or agreements or obtained an authorization from the Client to do so or such disclosure is required by law.
  5. Always maintain monitoring of confidentiality of our Client information. However, we may assist in facilitating some reasonable offers for the products and services provided by some prominent companies. Those companies would not be allowed to keep any of our Client information unless the Client clearly shows interest in their products and services.
  6. Require, whenever we use a third party for support services, that party to comply with our approved privacy standards and allow us to monitor and search their commitment to such standard. 
  7. Exchange the Client information with reliable reference sources for the purposes of information query, matching and verification.

We try to keep our Client's profiles complete, accurate and up to date. And we will inform our Clients of how and where to access their account information easily (with exceptions of legally restricted cases), and how to notify us of mistakes so that we can immediately amend them.

We will frequently evaluate ourselves in order to ensure complete compliance with our standards related to the confidentiality of our Clients’ information. We will practice our activity in such a way that ensure fulfillment of our promise in all communities in which we operate.



Please, read these terms and conditions carefully. Accessing this site or any related pages shall be deemed an acknowledgement from your part to comply with all terms and conditions listed below. In case of disagreement to the following terms and conditions, please avoid accessing this site or any related pages.

Alinma Investment. All Rights Reserved.

Alinma Investment is the sole owner of all copyrights related to pages, screens, materials, and information listed therein as well the style and layout display of the foregoing, unless otherwise is noted.

Use of Materials & Information

Information and materials listed in these pages - as well as the terms, conditions and discretions appeared therein - are subject to change. Not all products and services are available in all geographic areas. The decision of your entitlement to certain products and services is subject to the discretion and final approval of Alinma Investment. Alinma Investment Company holds no obligation on investment products, and such products shall not be deemed guaranteed by Alinma Investment or any other party. Moreover, such products are subject to investment risks including the possibility of losing the invested capital.

No Guarantee

All information and materials listed in this site, including texts, charts links and other clauses, has been provided on "as is" and "as available" basis. Therefore, Alinma Investment does not guarantee the accuracy, adequacy or completion of such information and materials; and holds no responsibility for any mistakes or shortcomings in the said information and materials. With regard to information and materials listed in this site, Alinma Investment does not give any form of guarantees whether it is explicit or orderly, including but not limited to guarantees against violations of property or patent rights of others, appropriateness to any particular purpose or control over computer viruses.

Limitation of Liability

In no event shall Alinma Investment acknowledges its liability for any damages or losses including but not limited to direct or indirect, special, incidental, consequential damages, losses or liabilities in connection with your use of this site or your reliance on or use or inability to use the information, materials, products and services on this site, or in connection with any failure of performance, error, omission, interruption, defect, delay in operation or transmissions, computer virus or line or system failure, even if you have informed Alinma Investment or its representatives of the possible rise of such damages, losses or expenses.

Your use of hyperlinks on other internet sites shall be done at your own discretion and risk. It is understood and agreed that Alinma Investment has not verified, checked, monitored or approved the content or accuracy of any such sites, or any opinions expressed therein, or any hyperlinks provided by such sites.

All information provided by Alinma Investment in this site are owned by Alinma Investment and shall remain so, with full rights to use any ideas, concepts, or technologies implied in the information provided by the visitors of Alinma Investment’s site through this site for all and any purposes at the sole discretion of Alinma Investment.

Alinma Investment does not acknowledge any commitment to maintain confidentiality with respect to the information provided to it through the site, save what might be agreed upon between Alinma Investment and the party assigned of managing the direct relationship with the information provider, or else explicitly agreed upon, or in compliance with the established system.

Terms and Conditions:

Alinma Investment shall provide the investment services through Alinma Investment online and phone services. Access and use of such services shall be subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Alinma Investment shall have the right to reject, for whatever reason, any request related to log in or access to Alinma Investment site as well as any instructions or inquiries which come from the user through the site.
  2. Alinma Investment committed, subject to its own discretion, to execute all instructions and investment transactions requested by the Client online or via phone, provided that such instructions and transactions comply with the system and work procedures of Alinma Investment, instructions of the concerned authorities and established banking practices.
  3. The Client acknowledged its full responsibility for its personal use of Alinma Investment site in accordance with the established purposes and uses. The Client also acknowledged its responsibility for the execution of investment transactions (online or via the phone) along with any other use performed by its authorized person through the use of access details, user credentials and pass word. The Client further acknowledged to maintain the aforesaid details and not to disclose them to any person, authority or Alinma Investment employee. Additionally, the Client acknowledged that the pass word shall be deemed as its personal signature irrespective of who uses the service. Alinma Investment shall not bear any damages, consequences, losses or indemnities resulting from the non-commitment by the Client to any of the aforementioned. The Client shall be responsible for the validity, correctness and regulatory of all transactions performed through using Alinma Investment services. An annual non-refundable fee shall be collected from the Client in return for subscription, maintenance, use of Alinma TADAWUL and phone services. The company reserves the right to amend such fees at any time after notifying the Client.
  4. The Client acknowledged that Alinma Investment, its employees and affiliated authorities are not liable for any losses, damages, financial claim caused by the use of the user ID and pass word. The Client commits to immediately notify Alinma Investment if it becomes aware that the user ID and pass word have become known to others so that the company can take the required action. The Client shall be responsible for all transactions and instructions issued from it until Alinma Investment receives a written notification of the incident.
  5. The Client committed to keep confidential all data, information and transactions related to its account as well as any other data which can be accessed and downloaded or stored from the internet or any computer device. The Client shall be responsible for any unauthorized use and all consequences, losses and damages which may result from such unauthorized use whether such consequences, losses and damages were direct or indirect on the part of Alinma Investment or the Client.
  6. The Client acknowledged that it has no ownership rights in the intellectual and publication rights of the programs and documents related to Alinma TADAWUL online; and agrees that it shall not allow its users to copy, amend, download or transfer Alinma TADAWUL online programs to similar electronic devices.
  7. Alinma Investment shall have the right to cancel the aforementioned services at any time and without giving prior notice to the Client. The Client may cancel subscriptions by notifying Alinma Investment and shall be responsible for the services and transactions executed till the notice date of cancelation acceptance.
  8. The Client agreed to authorize Alinma Investment to send all correspondences and notices related to this service through the e-mail or fax; and committed to take every possible precaution to keep confidential the contents of such correspondences and shall be responsible in the event of any default to this commitment.
  9. The Client agreed to authorize Alinma Investment to record all communication and instructions, including the instructions related to adding other users to the online service, and such voice recording shall be deemed an evidence of its content in the event of using the toll free number.
  10. Alinma Investment exerts reasonable efforts to ensure the provision and functioning of Alinma Investment online service and shall be responsible for action and execution in accordance with the user's instructions sent through Alinma investment system and actually received by Alinma Investment. Alinma Investment shall not bear any responsibility, losses or indemnifications resulting from fault, malfunction or defects in equipment or communication lines that may have an effect on the accuracy of the messages sent by the user or on their arrival time.
  11. Alinma Investment shall not provide any representations or warranties in relation to the quality, swiftness, performance, accuracy or the like and does not guarantee that its site is free of defects or errors. The Client acknowledged disclaiming Alinma Investment of all issues related to such defects and errors, provided that there is no deliberate breach or negligence from the part of the company.
  12. The data and information received by the user from Alinma Investment or any other service provider shall be deemed reliable and the user shall be provided with such data and information on the basis of exerting possible efforts to ensure the user ease. Yet, such ease is not guaranteed and, consequently, Alinma Investment shall not be liable for any shortfall, inaccuracy, perfection, availability or arrival time of such data and information or any other decision taken by using such data and information.
  13. Alinma Investment shall not be liable for any computer viruses or problems related to the information provided and arising out of services provided by any of the information providers or resulting from the user PC. Alinma Investment shall not be liable also for any piracy or fraud actions.
  14. Alinma Investment shall have the right to amend these terms and notify the Client of such amendment/amendments. The Client continuity in using Alinma Investment site shall be considered as an acceptance of the amendment. The Client may request the amendment of the terms, provided that Alinma Investment agrees to such request in writing to automatically renew this agreement annually unless the Client submits a request to the company to cancel the agreement.

Information Safety:

Alinma Investment Policy related to Internet Information Confidentiality

  1. You can visit our website (, examine the products and services we offer, read reports issued by Alinma Investment, get latest news of Alinma Investment and other valuable services without asking you to provide us with any personal information.
  2. If you provide us with any personal information (such as address, phone or fax number) and any other basic or introductory information about yourself as a Client of Alinma Investment, then we are committed to not disclose such information, share them with any person, sell or disclose them to external authorities unless you are notified and get your authorization or enforced by law. We will maintain such information as well as your activities and dealings as per our strict usual standards of information security and confidentiality.
  3. In order to provide you with the best service and avoid potential risks in terms of information security and confidentiality, we would sometimes use what is called "cookies", which is a small piece of information stored on your PC browser by the website and can be restored later. These cookies are often used for some managerial purposes such as: storing your preferences to certain types of information or saving the password so you would not have to re-type it every time you visit our site. Such information remains only during the session or visit period and does not contain anything that allows others to contact you through your phone or e-mail. You could adjust your explorer to inform you when any cookies are installed or to stop installing them.


Be confident that we will maintain confidentiality of your data and we will protect the privacy of your information automatically and on a daily basis and without request so. We, also, would like you to trust us not only because we will protect your data, but also because we will provide you with all investment services available now and in the coming years.

Thank you for giving us the chance to serve your transactions and investment needs.

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