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Contact Us

Contact Us

Dear partner,

We will be happy to receive your queries and recommendations on the following addresses:

Al Anoud Tower 2 , King Fahad Road Postal Address: P.O. Box 55560, Riyadh 11544 , Kingdom of Saudi 

Customer Services: 8004413333



Complaints procedures

Complaints procedures


Dear Partner, You can submit your complaint to Al-Inma Investment Company through the following ways:

1 - Communicate by mail


2 - Visit one of the branches of Al-Inma Investment Company.

3- Call Alinma Investment phone number 8004413333 during official business hours from 9 am to 4:30 pm from Sunday to Thursday.


Process of settlement


At the beginning, the expected period for resolving the complaint is clarified, with a response within 7 days from the date of submit the complaint. The partner will be contacted when additional information is needed. Knowing that some complaints may exceed the expected period of processing and will inform the partner.


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