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Investment Funds

Investment Funds

Through asset management, Alinma Investment offers a range of mutual funds that reflect all levels of risk, managed by a team that combines specialization and knowledge of financial analysis tools with practical experience of successes and achievements, all to give you ,our dear partner, the chance to make the fullest use of investment opportunities in local and GCC to grow your wealth and achieve your aspirations and investment objectives.

Alinma IPO Fund

The Fund aims to achieve long-term capital appreciation attained by investing mainly in Shariah-Compliant Initial Public Offerings of Saudi Companies, Right Issues and Rump Offering as well as Shariah-Complaint Saudi Companies that have been listed in the Saudi Stock Exchange for 5 years or less. The Fund may also invest in shariah compliant funds with similar objectives.

Alinma Saudi Equity Fund

The Fund aims at developing the invested capital over the long term through investing in the Sharia-compliant Saudi stocks.  The Fund aims also at achieving performance that exceeds the benchmark by following active management that enables it to move between sectors in a timely manner with emphasis on promising companies that have attractive rates of assessment and those undergoing restructuring processes and have strong momentum for improving profitability.

Alinma Saudi Riyal Liquidity Fund

The fund is one of the Shariah-compliant investment vessels which aim at achieving good investment returns and preserving capital by financing Murabaha transactions in Saudi Riyal. The Fund Manager purchases goods from well known suppliers and pays the corresponding price in cash, and then sells such goods on a deferred basis to internationally reputable companies at a higher price. The difference between the purchase price and the sale price shall be the achieved profit margin.

Alinma Multi-assets Balanced Fund

The Fund aims to achieve optimum distribution over various asset classes of the Fund’s assets as the Fund Manager is planning to diversify potential risks of investments of the Fund and to neutralize their impact on revenue resulting from excessive focus on one category of asset classes while diversification of the investments of the Fund on several categories allowing a balance between the fund’s return and risk inherited. Diversification to achieve the optimal portfolio fund will be carried out by the Fund Manager by focusing on investment deals in short to medium-term Murabaha, financial market tools available in the local and Arabian equity markets with maximum of 50% of the Fund assets value, in Sukuk, structured products, and in various categories of mutual funds by specific percentages for each of the asset classes listed.


Alinma Makkah Real Estate Fund

Alinma Makkah Real Estate Fund is a shariah-compliant publicly offered close-end income-generating real estate investment fund. The fund's main objective is to achieve periodic returns for investors through the acquisition of developed income-generating properties in the hotel, hospitality and mall centers sector in Makkah city, specifically in the area within the first phase of the Jabal Omar Development project next to the Holy Mosque of Makkah. The size of this fund is considered to be the largest of its kind in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The fund's capital is SAR 6.09 billion. The term of the fund is five years that can be renewed for a similar period with the distribution of semi-annual dividends.

Fund Objective

The fund intends to acquire a number of operational assets located within the first phase of the Jabal Omar project next to the Holy Mosque of Makkah that worth SAR 6 billion.



Fund’s Assets

The fund’s assets consist of 6 hotel towers and two mall centers which are detailed as follows:

• Three hotels: Hilton Suites, Hyatt Regency Hotel and Conrad Hotel.

• Mall centers (Souk Al Khalil 1 & 2): Two mall centers, each is of four floors.

All three hotels overlook the Holy Mosque and feature a distinguished view of the Ka’aba. These hotels are considered to be of the most recent hotels that have opened recently in the commercial district of ​​Makkah. In addition, they characterize a variety of room designs and sizes, as well as different operators, which adds a signatory touch to each hotel.




Rental Mechanism

These assets will be rented back to Jabal Omar Development Company for 10 years with a rental return of SAR 540 million annually (9% of the acquisition value of 6 SAR billion) with a semiannual rental payments, payable for each period during the term of the fund. Upon agreement, the tenant shall be entrusted with all matters related to insurance, maintenance, and all taxes applicable now or that may apply to the property in the future. The fund does not bear any of the aforementioned obligations or any obligations resulting from any implications of any operational expenses of the real estate assets. However, Jabal Omar Development Company reserves the right to buy back the assets at the same purchase price after 5 rental years and up to the tenth year.





Fund Summary

Fund Name

Alinma Makkah Real Estate Fund

Fund Type

Alinma Makkah Real Estate Fund is a shariah-compliant publicly offered close-end income-generating real estate investment fund.

Fund Objective

The main objective of the fund is to provide a periodic income to the fund's investors by acquiring a number of operational assets located within the first phase of the Jabal Omar project next to the Holy Mosque of Makkah.

Fund Capital

6,090,000,000 SAR

Fund Term

5 years, renewable for a similar period.

Unit Nominal Value

10 SAR

Minimum Subscription Amount

10,000 SAR


Twice a year

Risk Level

Medium - Please refer to the fund investment risks in the designated section of the fund terms and conditions for details.




Alinma Retail REIT Fund



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