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Brokerage Products and Services

Brokerage Products and Services

Alinma Investment provides integrated products and services to achieve its partners’ investment aspirations and objectives.


Facilities (Murabaha):

This product provides financial facilities for trading in shares. It is a Shariah-compliant product provided by Alinma Investment to its partners. This product is a financial instrument that helps investors to increase their purchasing power and investments in the local capital market. With the help of this product, partners will be financed against their securities (shares or cash) as collateral, and the value of such collateral will be subject to the terms and conditions.

  •  Sharia-compliant
  •  A profit margin of 0.667% is calculated monthly
  •  Increasing the partners’ purchasing power over their capital
  •  Available for partners with portfolios of SAR 50,000 and above


Financial Purification Service:

Purification of local and GCC stock is one of the innovative services offered by Alinma Investment to its partners through its continuing quest to develop brokerage services and products in accordance with the Shariah laws. This service is available for all unlawful local and GCC stock financial statements according to the approved Shariah criteria.

Technical Analysis:

The Technical Analysis Service helps Alinma Investment partners who trade in local and GCC stock markets in understanding securities’ patterns of behavior since October 2012, all based on standards and statistical equations that help to understand and analyze the behavior of the financial instrument. This service helps to determine the appropriate price and time to buy and sell using charts and reports created according to trend and performance of the equity to suggest future activity. This service is the technical and professional basis for analyzing local and GCC stock markets and overseen by the best specialists.


Murabaha product helps an investor to increase its purchasing power and improve its returns in financial markets, and through Murabaha the partner will borrow money against securities, and value of collateral is subject to terms and conditions.

Interactive Voice Response Service:

Trading via IVR service is designed to allow our partners to trade via phone or telephone and facilitate access to Saudi Stock Exchange Market at anytime and from anywhere. 
This service provide you absolute access and control of your investment portfolio (sale, purchase, cancel, modify of instructions and orders, or transfer of money) from anywhere and at anytime you want without the need for a broker.


 A product where you can find all the services below mentioned in one package for computers and smart devices:  

  • Alinma Live Prices 
  • Mubasher Net Plus 
  • Technical Analysis 
  • Purification Service 


For further information or inquries, you can call toll-free: 8004413333  
Or call Brokerage Phone No.: 8004416666 

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