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Alinma Investment Company provides custody services for all securities, including local and international stocks, Sariah-compliant real estate and investment funds through professional human cadres and advanced technical systems within a separate management and internal procedures all to ensure high quality and professionalism in the presence of an integrated basic structure which provides the required services and reports for all the following custody activities:

Security Custody Services:

Security custody services are one of the most important services provided by Alinma Investment, which include different products and services to meet our partners’ needs, and these services include:

  1. Preparation and submission of reports on securities
  2. Collecting and depositing securities dividends
  3. Provide difference custody services tailored to meet the partner’s needs
  4. Provision of stock custody services program for staff for different institutions pursuant to the program rules and regulations
  5. Opening of investment accounts internally

Real Estate Custody Services:

Alinma Investment provides real state custody services by safekeeping all documents and records related to the real estate fund and provide all services which include:

  1. Establishing special purpose companies to provide safekeeping of funds assets
  2. Opening of bank and investment accounts
  3. Preparation of financial statements of the fund for special purpose companies as well as all other requirements by legislators
  4. Safekeep all documents and records related to the real estate investment fund pursuant to Real Estate Investment Funds Regulations issued by the CMA

Administrative Services for Investment Funds and Portfolios:

Alinma Investment provides different services for funds and portfolios managers which include:

  1. Accounting transactions
  2. Subscriptions and redemptions of funds and portfolios
  3. Net Asset Value calculation
  4. Fund Valuation
  5. Fund Performance Analysis
  6. Public and private reports preparation
  7. Comparison of the Fund/Portfolio performance against the benchmark
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